Is there any way to wrap the whole objects on a free form surface by using sporph or something?

Hİ all,

I am new at rhino and I need to make a space frame on a free form surface . Making a space frame is pretty easy with structure 1 . However I don’t want to divide surface in 2 directions. I want to make equal length space frame along the surface. like 3x3 .
So firstly I tried project command for top level of space frame . But project command deformes the line length.
Secondly I used flow along srf command. But I couldn’t keep the objects all together on the target surface as following image.

Thirdly I used sporph command and turned on the rigidity. But again my frames are not welded. They are seperated again.

Is there any idea how I produce space frame which parameters by frame length not divisions. Finally I will adjust the frames at the edges of surface.

Thanks in advanced.


A grid of equal edge length quadrilaterals on a surface is called a Chebyshev net.
Finding such a net on a freeform surface will generally require some iterative solving process.
Here’s one example of how this can be done in Grasshopper:

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Thank you very much for your quick reply Daniel Piker .

I download and viewed . Following picture make sence about your gh? because while I try to open it, I got some warnings about version.

And I couldn’t find any surface set option, length input button

setting mesh is not valid.

Maybe this can be very likely all because my inexperience.

Thanks in advance again