Is there any way to "unrotate" and "unshear" models

I forgot to save the original model and now I am stuck with the rotated and sheared version. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you

There is no way.

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Theoretically, IF you know the angle at which the mode was sheared, you could apply an opposite shear to the model. Or, IF you can identify an angle that was a right angle before the shear took place, you might be able to figure out the angle that needs to be applied during another shear operation to recover the original angular relationships.

Thanks for your help. I’m pretty new to Rhino. Just started my first year of architecture.

Are you able to upload your model here?

Updated Everything.3dm (16.4 MB)


Dear Kyala08

  • there is at least 2 solutions if there was a combination of shear / rotate - one resulting in more or less a square, the other a rectangle… :

“unrotate” is easy - same center negative / opposite angle
“unshear” - you have to pick the same origin, but a rectangular start point and opposite angle
(and of course order matter - wether you first remove a rotation or first remove a shear)

inverse shear - transformation / reverse shear / “unshear”
initial: “Hello” (black)
shear -30 degree “Hello” (green)
inverse 30 degree “Hello” (white) but notice: startpoint of “shear”-rotation effects result !!!
(see dots (1) -> (2) …)

if you know any size of the initial rectangles you can follow @ryan.rhino.odom video und you might need a _scaleNU to get the original proportions / size.
note: the angular dimension might be rounded less precise than your document-tolerance.
17.59 might be anything between 17.5850… 17.5949…
to solve this issue, increase dimension precision or use a geometric construction, for example duplicate an edge and mirrow it:
_Mirrow (with Endpoint-Snap)

do everything best in top-view and turn on the “project” option.

hope that helps, best -tom


thank you so much this helped a lot.

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