Is there any way to reference a .hdri file on the network for an environment?

I may have done things wrong in the past, but when I create an environment and use one of our existing HDRI files in Rhino, that file gets embedded into the Rhino file, which then grows substantially.

We can’t have files embedded in Rhino that may get re-used between parts, so is there a way to reference the environment instead?

Hello - you can, but the setting is a global one - that is, when you Save, or SaveAs you can choose not to save the textures - but that will be across the board.



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That is fine, we don’t use textures anyway.

But does this mean that if I un-check this, I’ll never be able to use textures, or does it mean that actually we can use textures and they will always be referenced from their original locations on opening the file too (which would actually be a bonus, because that’s how both Max and Blender works, and that’s how we like to work)?

It means it won’t embed the textures in the file. I haven’t used that feature in a while, but I had a lot of bad experiences with it, where the materials would sooner or later lose track of the textures and wind up pointing to some file with a GUID for a name in some temp folder that doesn’t exist.