Is there any way to bring two lines together?

Is there any way to bring two lines together on their closest tangent to each other, even diagonally? Example these two lines that are selected, I would like them to be next to each other forming a perfect int!


I do not see any selected curves in your image.

It would be helpful if you exported these curves to their own file, and attach it to a reply.


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The purple selected lines!

simply pull a straight line between the intersecting points, then half this and draw perpendicular lines intersecting them with the two circles. then you have your tangencies and your connection point.

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I usually draw this way, I would like to know if there is something different to be done, or if there is a tool that I don’t know about, thanks for your collaboration!

Hello Igor,

I believe it would help, if please, as John suggests you could post a file with the curves and in addition please, the curves with the intermediate step (s) and then the curve with the result you want.

Thank you,


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For exemple these 3 red lines should be aligned on their tangent for better use, if I fix one side its moves the other.


Hello - here is a thing you can try - it does not move to the closest tangent point but to one in the user specified direction - (2.5 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"



i’ll try right now! Thx Pascal!

Usually I do it this way (works only with circles):


This is great, the situation complicates a bit when the shapes are not circular, in my case I am working with circles, ovals and pears. I will try to apply here, thanks for your cooperation!


Just for fun, here’s a Galapagos solution that might work with such shapes.

Tangential Touch with (25.5 KB)

The idea is to get the moveable piece as close as quickly possible by hand, then fire up Galapagos to do the fiddly bit. It works by minimising the two overlap areas. A negative area is applied if there is no overlap to stop the curve disappearing into the distance.

Problem is: you can probably nudge the curve to a solution quicker than Galapagos can solve it…


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To position the round jewel tangent to the two teardrop jewels you could use the “Circle: tangent, tangent, radius” command.

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