Is there any simple way to array this feature around the cone model by 20 copies?

I can array it and then trim it one by one. I’m seeking a way to do so in an easier way like what SOLIDWORKS does.
1.3dm (169.4 KB)

Just take a portion of your shape and make a polar array, then join all at end.

1.3dm (2.3 MB)


There are a few ways to attack this that might save a few clicks, but Rhino is not “feature-based” so you can’t array a feature like your rib and have it automatically trim the base surface.

Either array the feature and then use Split to split the main surface with the feature copies - but you still have to delete the unwanted srfs, or

Array the feature, take the first one CCW, split the base surface with that, that will give you a small trapezoidal “pie section” of the cone. Then select that and the original feature, delete the rest, array the feature plus the pie section and Join.

(as per Cyver’s illustration)


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