Is there any limits for notes?

It won’t allow me for adding any more notes, is there any limit for it? If so, why?

Don’t think so - I just pasted a bunch of pages of lorem ipsum in there - latest WIP - and it all went in…

There appears to be something seriously wrong however. If I select something and hit Delete, I get delete in the command line. Ctrl+A shows SelectAll on the command line as well and nothing is selected in the Notes box (despite the cursor being there). And sometimes it looks like it’s frozen, can’t scroll with the mouse wheel for example, looks like because the notes panel it lost its focus…

Yeah, I observe some strange behaviour as well. When i type in notes it takes me to the command bar.

A bit more testing here -

If I have the notes panel tab as active when Rhino WIP opens, I cannot do anything in the window, any typing or pasting of text on the clipboard goes directly to the command line. As soon as I switch to another tab in the same block (I have layers and materials docked in the same tab row) and then back to Notes, it starts to work correctly - until I move the cursor out of the Notes window - even if I move it back again, the focus is still on the command line - even after clicking in the Notes window. Only solution is to switch tabs (in the same row) again.

It’s really wonky. @John_Brock I don’t know who’s the person to ping here?