Is there another way to select control points

Unfortunately my laptop F10 and F11 is pre-programmed to alter brightness etc, so I cant seem to turn control points on and off. Is there another way, maybe a button to click?

The command macros are:
! _PointsOn
! _PointsOff

You could assign them to a different Keyboard or Alias setting in Options > Keyboard or Options > Aliases

The laptops I’ve seen have a special function key which, if pressed while also pressing one of the usual “Fxx” keys, will override the pre-programmed function and let the application interpret it.

On my Apple it’s a dedicated key at the lower left of the keyboard labelled “fn”.
Same thing on my Dell.

Now I cant seem to get Nudge to work using the arrow keys on my Dell Inspiron. There does not seem to be any option in the Keyboard settling you mentioned previously.

Thanks for you help before BTW.

Out of the box, Rhino is set up to use Alt+Arrow keys to nudge. If you want to change this to just plain Arrow without the Alt, you can do that in Options > Modeling aids > Nudge.