Is there an quicker way to set input from Rhino?

I’m wondering if there is a way to set a shortcut to connect rhino input to a component? Like a double-click or shift click or something I could set custom somehow? Or does this maybe already exist?

The right clicking and going through the menu is a bit cumbersome if you do it often. It would make it easier for explaining somebody who doesn’t know grasshopper but will need to use your grasshopper script.

'fraid not. Menu is all there is.

maybe you can use “Geometry Pipeline” component and duble click on the point type >> it will import all points to grasshopper.

Hmyeah, that was my plan b. The downside with that is that you cannot manually order (or not in an easy way) what you want to select.

Just in case anybody else is interested in this:
I found a great example by @clement that uses python outside of grasshopper to set input from rhino into grasshopper without having to go into grasshopper. This will work better for my case.

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