Is there an easy way to move objects using a locked anchor point?

I have one layer with 3 points and a second layer with the same 3 points, but at different coordinates. These are both scan data points. I would like to be able to move one point on top of another one and then lock it’s position in place so it does not move, but becomes a locked anchor point to pivot from for the next two points. Then to also lock the 2nd two points so I can move the third set of points with out 1 and 2 moving.

I’ve tried move and rotate, but in 3D space this seems too hard to accomplish. Planar views will not work for this due to the angles I’m working with.


Hi Shubin - Can you just use ‘Lock’ on a point once it has been put in position?


Hi Pascal. To keep it from moving yes I could, but I’m looking to use it as an anchor point of rotation. So really it is moving, but around it’s own axis if that makes sense. I’m looking to line up all 3 of the old coordinate points with the 3 new coordinate points. So each point needs to serve as a pivotal anchor for the other two. I wish I could explain it better. Hope I’m making sense here.

Hi Shubin - Do the points need to stay in exactly the same relationship to one another? Does Orient3Points help?


Yes same relation.
Orient3Points - EXACTLY what I needed !!! Thank you Pascal !!!