Is there an easier way to alter a simple mesh like this?

I have a simple mesh box with the tops and bottoms removed. I would like to control the top 4 vertices to lift the upper corners of the box independently. Right now, the only way I can manage to set it up is to manually select the appropriate vertices, and plug each one into move component, and then rebuild the mesh after that.

I would like to know if there is an easier, more efficient way to go about this. I’m trying to get better at modifying meshes within Grasshopper. (16.8 KB)

You could also use Point Deform. (17.4 KB)

Thank you! In this example, does the point deform work so well because the starting mesh is a box?

You could use other meshes as long as you move mesh vertices and use that transforming vectors as the motion vectors for Point Deform.

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