Is there a way to write anything on the comand board?

Is there a way to write anything on the comand board whithout appears Unknow Comand?

Or maybe an symbol like: -, ', ", {}, , that will ignore the comand and just show at the comand board?

Hello - what are you trying to accomplish?


I want to select red lines by myself, and put a comment after the command, so i can see what i need to click. In this case is red line

Hello - if you ad “;” you can put comments in macros:

selCrv ;red lines

Is that what you mean? It seems to work within a line and not just at the beginning of a line.


Thats it, but there is a way for this comment show on the command bar?

No, not without a script… with a script you can make the command line prompt you as needed. But before going down that road, - what is the larger goal here?


Just to show what are you selecting is the goal

So, you’d like Rhino to fully describe what in contained in the selection, if you run for example, SelCrv? Is this specific to selection, or are there other contexts where you want more command line text?


Actually, I want to describe when I run the command “Select”

So I wanted to be like that,

Select (red lines)

So I can read what I have to click

But in that case, you are creating instructions for you or someone else to repeat the process at a later time, is that correct? I am still not clear on the larger goal.


Yes, it can be in this way

Hello - OK - it is possible I can help, but I would need a much more complete explanation of the ultimate goal for this. There is not much I can do without that.


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Thanks Pascal, but I think that this effort is not necessary just for that.
Thank you for your time and willingness