Is there a way to trigger a component or logic path with a button?

I’ve made this Grasshopper program to generate arbitrary shaped screws and threads.

It creates the core cylinder and the thread body separately, then those need to be solid-unioned together. Then the chamfering body at the bottom is subtracted. However, these boolean operations take a number of seconds to process. That really slows down the program. If I disable them, I can play with the sliders in real time.

So what I would like is to have sort of a second path of execution where I can click a button and have those time-heavy operations performed once, only when I’m ready to bake out the result. Like a switch that turns on a different path temporarily.

Right now I can enable the boolean components, wait for them to process, bake them out, and re-disable the components. It’s not a huge hassle but I feel like there must be a way to make that process quicker.

Is there?

This can be done with a Data Dam

Yep, that does it. Thank you very much!

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