Is there a way to toggle Cen Osnap with keyboard?

This has been bothering me for years and I’ve finally decided to ask for help.
I use the center Osnap fairly often, but most of the time I want it off because it interferes with everything else and it’s just annoying.

Instead of toggling it with the mouse, is there a way to hold down a key or combination of keys and toggle it, then when I release them, Cen goes away?

That would save me a lot of time and make me very happy :slight_smile:

No, I don’t thinnk it’s possible that way, but you can put the following macro on a hotkey to toggle Center Osnap on and off… even while in a command. However, if you toggle it off, you will need to hit the hotkey again to toggle it back on again.

'-_Osnap Center Enter

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Did you ever check out one shot object snaps ?
I am a big fan of it !


this will snap a center once, and only a center - which is really powerfull.

also check the osnap toolbar.

In windows one shot object snaps are also available via shift-left-click in the Osnap bar at the bottom.
click on the “Cen” text with shift …

see also the “One-shot object snaps” section here:

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Yes, that’s the way I approach this, I have Cen off except when I need it, and then I use the one-shot.

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Holy cow ! That’s amazing!

I added “Ctrl + Shift + C” as hotkey for _Centersnap, and it does what I wanted but even better.

How do you guys use the one shots? any good tips?

for basic use i teach only to have end and mid as persistent.
Everything else as oneshot.
never use “near” as persistent.

of the classroom, i do it more freestyle. for some workflows, or working with mesh / sub-D or doing fancy constructions i turn on
point, vertex, intersect, sometimes quad … and as soon as snaps get to overloaded i turn them of again.
if I work very concentrated, i turn on persistent snaps as soon as i need more then 2 or 3 snaps to the same type, but turn them off directly after the action.
more lazy, less concentrated i turn them off as soon as they annoy me…