Is there a way to toggle between view ports manually?

Let’s say that I’m in the perspective view port and that it’s enlarged. Is there a way for me to toggle to another view port by pressing a button on the keyboard?
I know that I can click on each of the four tabs below to toggle between view ports, but I was wondering if there is a keyboard command.

CTRL+TAB will cycle through the viewports

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Is there a way to make that into a shortcut button? For instance, be able to designate the Tab button as the foreground view port?

you could do this by making an alias for SetActiveViewport

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That helps a lot. Thank you so much. I was looking for exactly that kind of shortcut.

CTRL+TAB works perfect for me.

Thanks again.

There are already Ctrl + F1, F2, F3 and F4 that are set up to do that. You could also put them directly on the F keys if you like.


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Beautiful. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Thanks again