Is there a way to Store Sliders and other controls settings

A GH beginner question:
I’m trying to find a way to save and store a list of sliders [and other controllers] settings ?

like in the picture attached, [needs a lot of organizing and cleaning.] with so many sliders, getting back to a pervious setting is … well … for now I take screenshots, and manually change settings accordingly yet it doesn’t feel like a very smart way of working.

thanks a lot

I’m not at my computer…

save state


Perfect, thanks a lot @martinsiegrist

I hotkeyed save state and mapped it to a 3DC button.

I saw this button but never actually looked into it. Very cool!

I was thinking that if there was a way? [Perhaps there is…?] to add a thumbnail/screenshot to the saved state, it would have been very useful for quick identification of the various saved versions.
A descriptive name, only goes so far, and can be challenging to define.


There must be a way to achieve this but I’m not a scripter so I cannot help you on this.

You could either use Metahopper or just simply run File / Export High Res Image

Thanks you

It looks like the Document Info component in Metahopper is Widows only…

An option to add a Thumbnail image to the saved state would have been really helpful here.

[perhaps someone in support would want to add this request to the pile…?]