Is there a way to start commands from an object's auto-center point?

When you select any item or collection of items, the gumball auto-centers – I often find myself manually rebuilding a bounding box so I can then start commands from this center point. But is there a way to just bake-out the auto-center as a point, so I could then for example move the object precisely from that auto-center point?

See screenshot for what I mean by “auto-center point” – the gumball automatically positions itself in the center of this irregular shape’s bounding box.

Thanks forum!

I realize now you can simply ‘Boundingbox’ to C-plane, then center-select that. Haha, wups! Thanks forum.

You can also click the center white box and drag it onto the grid, from there you can easily start from the crossing of two grid lines, it seems like less hassle.

You can try with the command “AreaCentroid”. It works with surfaces, polysurfaces, meshes, or closed planar curves.