Is there a way to script document tolerances?

Hi all,
I need to create startup script that sets units and tolerances to new values and it needs to work in v4. Any hope?



You could just create a template file with all the setting you want or need. Then just have Rhino use that template file when it starts.

Tools -> Options -> Files

No script needed…

This is easy to make, but as Dale says, if you need it AT startup, then it makes more sense to make a template.

If you still need a Script then let us know what values you need.

Yes, I know that and all users are using the same template already.
But I need a way when opening and importing documents too.

Opening a document will set the file units correctly if the document being opened has units attached. Otherwise, open a template with the desired units and use Import, not Open.


Hi Mitch,

I’m well aware of that but it doesn’t help.

I have a lot of users and want to cover every possibilities.

@Holo; the values are:
Units: Inches
Abolute tolerance: 0.00004 units
Relative tolerance: 0.1 percent
Angle tolerance: 0.1 degrees

I know these values are not at all optimal for any logical purpose. It’s a compromise I have to make in a world with 20 000 engineers around me.
I know too that any geometry made before the tolerance is changed will stay as it is and may not behave when modifying / editing etc.

Hi Marc,

The following should do what you want… You can modify the coded-in values to suit if you need.

HTH, --Mitch

SetFileUnitsTolerances.rvb (729 Bytes)

Thanks Mitch, that’s perfect!