Is there a way to refine jagged edges? (I'm new to Rhino and 3D modeling)

Hi, I’m really new to Rhino, and 3D modeling in general. But I’ve been given a 3D model that I would like to make presentable for product advertising. Here’s a screenshot of the challenged area.

The edges are very jagged as you can see in the attached image. Is there a way to refine these edges so they actually look realistic?

For comparison, here’s an actual photo of the product.

Is there any sort of soltion to refine the model that was given to me, or am I dreaming?

Hello - that’s a tough one because you’ve been handed a mesh model and not a surface model so you’re pretty limited in how it will display - a surface model can be converted to a more or less accurate mesh for rendering but if it’s already a mesh then you’re kind of stuck. I’d see if there is a solid or surface model available in 3dm,stp, iges, sldprt or sldasm formats - stp/step will be the most likely I’d guess.


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Thanks very much for that super fast response. I will try to track down a solid or surface model.