Is there a way to (quickly) offset 4 edges of a surface similar to formZ and/or sketchup?

I apologize for the rookie question here as I’m trying to get back to using Rhino as my primary modeler (10ish years removed), but there is a tool in FormZ that I use extensively: Offset Outline. If you’re familiar with SketchUp it’s “Offset”.

If I have a 24"x24"x2" cube, I can use the Offset Outline tool to offset the boundary on a specific surface a desired distance. Let’s say I offset 1.5". Then I can Reshape (in SketchUp terms: Push/Pull) the geometry of the outer perimeter and now I have a cube that is 22.5"x22.5"x2".

What is the best way to do this in Rhino? I’ve been playing with the various Offset tools and I can’t find anything that is achieving my goal here. I have found that I can individually select a face and move it in 1.5", but it’s not ideal to select a face, Gumball input, spin, select a face, input, spin…

Any thoughts on this would be very helpful :slight_smile:

Well, a few less clicks might be to subobject select the top and bottom surfaces of the box (or the 4 sides) then using the Gumball scale handle, put in the dimension you want to add or subtract. Unfortunately, you need to do this twice in 1D as there is no viable way (I know of) to do this procedure with the 2D Gumball scale tool…

I jumped the gun on my reply… I’m not able to scale the object like that… it seems to just scale it 2x no matter if I put +/- 2in in the text box.

Is GumballScaleMode not available on Rhino 5 (Mac?) I can access this command on Rhino 6 Windows but it’s still not working in Absolute mode?

BUT I found the BoxEdit command which seems to work pretty well!

Also, how are the dimensions changing with your transformation?

Thank you for your help!

Hmm, probably not, this sounds like something added in V6.

The dimensions are history-related to the object they are snapped to - I have History>RecordAnnotationHistory set to Yes - so if the object is modified non-destructively, they should update.

awesome. thanks again!

Another option I use all the time is to CMD-click a surface face then move it with the move tool / gumball. It’s almost exactly like Sketchup’s push/pull tool.

Thank you, but the function I’m trying to recapitulate is the Offset (Outline). The sub-object face selection then gumball/move is a long-winded work around, but I’d like to be able to move all 4 faces in without so many clicks.