Is there a way to open files read-only?

…except it doesn’t always work. I have seen plenty of instances where despite the .rhl being present, another instance of Rhino will open the same file without a warning. Especially if the file is on a network share, or is cross-platform (i.e. opening a file saved in something like Dropbox with Mac Rhino when it is already open in Windows Rhino…).

I have tried to create .rhl file “by hand” to mimic what Rhino does (it looks like just a text file with user/computer name and date) but it does not work, so there must be more to it.

I never experienced this, but IMHO that should be fixed if can be reproduced and not a reason to not implement the read-only “at will” opening mode.

Internally, Rhino for Windows looks at a file’s read-only state reported by the operating system.

When I check the Properties of the opened Rhino file in windows, the “ReadOnly” status is unchecked. The only difference I can tell is the creating of the rhl file.
At the same time when we mark a Rhino file as Read Only by hand and try to open it in Rhino we get the ReadOnly mode. So I am not sure what to make of it.

Just came across this, I would also really appreciate a readonly function. I have Rhino running parallel to another software and with this, i could always update the file on the other side, when i save the file in Rhino. But now they are blocking each other.