Is there a way to modify technical view

I am talking about this one:

Can I somehow modify what is seen in it?
Change linetypes put additional information?
Extract what’s visible there in 2D or export to dxf/dwg?

I’m not sure is any of that stuff is exposed in RhinoCommon. Doesn’t even looking like it’s accessible by scripting Rhino commands -Options>View etc.

This much I do know:

…has been asked for many times and always gets the same answer - no (for various technical reasons, apparently all what you see is just pixel display trickery, vectorizing it is no easy task).

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I know make2d is exposed do you know it if is possible to replace stuff like for example if an object is projected and it creates two lines you to be able to replace these two lines with a single line of some linetype lineweight and end type (arrow)?