Is there a way to meld together sections smoothly?

Hey all, I’ve drawn a series of sections that I’d like to transition into each other. As you can see, I’ve extruded the sections and stacked them against each other — ideally this wouldn’t be the solution, ideally they would connect more smoothly. The forms are meant to be organic. Is there a way to adjust an extrusion’s form after making it? Or is there a better way to go about this? I didn’t have much success lofting the sections together. In another attempt, I was able to (sort of) loft the voids together, but then unable to subtract the voids out of a larger geometry.

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.

Hi Ayman.

I’d say _Loft > _Cap > _BooleanDifference would be your best bet. You will probably need to extend your lofts past the volume you are trying to subtract from in order to ensure the operation works correctly. I hope this helps. Your form looks more complex than my example and may require more than one aproach. Please upload your model so the community can better advise.

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Hi Ryan,

I just wanted to say thank you for your reply from months back. Sorry for the belated response! I really appreciated your diagrams and found your reply really helpful. Cheers!

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