Is there a way to manually sort a list? like through drag and drop?

How can I manually sort a list if there is no specific pattern? Is there a function that I can drag and drop list item to form a new list? or some work around to sort list in such way?
Thank you

What do you mean with " if there is no specific pattern"?

Anyway, this is how you would typically sort a list of curves (based on their length in this case):

// Rolf

If you internalize the data (right click curve input) or plug curves into a curve parameter and internalize the data there. Right click > Internalize data.

Then right click again and select Manage Curve Collection. You will get this menu and you can drag+drop the curve order.

like sorting the list in a very objective way. as if I want to put param a to position 0, param b to position 1 …etc.

Thanks. I can probably bake it first and then internalize this way.

Currently, I have all my curves came out from JOIN CURVES function all messed up in a really random pattern. I really wish there is a faster way to sort them somewhat nicely. I also saw this window in your picture under dispatch pattern, but that might not be the function that I am looking for. anyway, internalize it will work

It sounds like correct branching might solve that. Post your file and someone will probably take a look.

This is something I did for another topic on the forum.
The script is ordering the list of curves into different lists depending on curve length.

Don’t know if I correctly understood what you want.