Is there a way to make objects fit in curves?

heart gems fit in the (74.9 KB)

there are different ways to get there, but I think it will require to pick a couple of reference points on your heart-shaped mesh

for instance you could fit the mesh by clicking these two points and then aligning to the same ones on the curves with Orient Direction:

heart gems fit in the (104.1 KB)

The boolean toggle allows you to scale the mesh, or to keep it at original size:

this works well as long as you are working in 2D, it might require some tweaks if the heart-shaped curves to fill are oriented in 3D

thanks for your solution. i’m sorry if my question was unclear , but it want to make the heart object fit to to the different heart shaped curve perfectly, not just the 2point on the top and bottom of the object

Hi @odyssayer

This can be done with this Mean Value Coordinates. Here’s something I wrote for this a while ago, applied to your shape: (31.1 KB)

Note that for this to work, your reference curves and target curves need to both be polylines, with the same point count, direction, and with the start/end point at the same corner.
Here I split your curves at the top and bottom kink, rebuilt each half to be degree 1 with 50 points, rejoined them, and used AdjustClosedCurveSeam to make sure the start end was the lower corner for both.


sorry for late reply .
i opened your file and it look like the morphed mesh looks like rounded .now like the picture you posted. do you know why?

The mesh has been welded by that Combine&Clean component. If you skip that it should keep the faceted appearance.

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