Is there a way to macro this?

in certain commands such as Line, you can type in a distance that’s longer than your snap point. (MoveFace is another one)

for example, say you have two points 10" apart… run the Line command, click on one of the points to start the line, hover your cursor over the second point then type 4.5+

…then click on the second point and the line will be 14.5" long

is there a way to make that number part of a macro? say, everytime, you want it to add 4.5


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most likely :slightly_smiling_face:

@pascal would be the man for this job-

not with a macro, but a script can do it. Please try this one:
LineExtended.rvb (1.2 KB)
(save on your HD, drag-and-drop into Rhino, the new alias LineExtended will be available. It should do what you describe, also remembers the last used value and accepts negative input.

(sorry @Pascal for stealing this job from you, I am sure you have plenty others to enjoy)



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I just realized this is Mac, so this will have to be “Pythonized” in order to work. I guess after all you need Pascal :wink: (or ChatGPT to translate the script)

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I don’t think .rvb is a thing on Mac… It’d have to be Python.

but still, the Line thing was just an example to keep it sort of simply… The macro would be doing a lot more than that.

In general I don’t think you can macro it, especially if there is more to it.

I asked Bing AI to translate it to Python and it did pretty poor job with it with a lot of errors :upside_down_face:
So here is a hand-tweaked Python version: (1.1 KB)
(maybe its a start for what you need to do)

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nice. I’ll copy some of that if a macro isn’t possible and needs Python instead.

Hi Jeff - for now since it’s 5:30, if you can stand an extra click, maybe -

! _Line _Pause _Pause _ExtendDynamic
_Type=_Natural _Join=Merge _Pause
4.5 _Enter

When the line is made, click on the end of it.



Hey Pascal

I think you’re on to something with this.
It doesn’t work with my specific use but I bet you can figure out a way to solve that. I’ll make a drawing later today for what I’m trying exactly to see if you can figure that one out.

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Here’s what I’m needing to do:

extend the vertical element to the top object then make it a little longer

there’s a whole lot of that happening when getting something like this ready to be cut:

I found an ok way to automate it using PushPull in this macro:

_PushPull _Mode=Extend pause pause pause _SelPrev _PushPull .1875 enter

The caveat being I have to preselect the face to be moved in order for SelPrev to recognize the proper face.

I’m pretty sure something better could be made with Python but this is good enough for me since I don’t have to enter the numbers every time… it only works for the basic example I’ve shown but those are the cases when it’s most annoying for me

thanks for the other suggestions and maybe someone could pretty this up in Python so it could accept preselecting or selecting after if they’re feeling bored :wink:

Hi Jeff - this might, or might not, be a step in the right direction - currently it only does one face at a time and only moves the face in World Z (1.6 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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this is possible with a combination of
_setPt (x=no, y=no, z=yes) 0,0,0.1875
and of course you can macro it…
including a _cplane _undo

ooh, that’s nice

for me personally, one face at a time is fine… I do have to do this other than vertically at times but most often I’m doing it in the direction you’ve written it for.

already added it as a shortcut and I’ll be using it starting tomorrow