Is there a way to get back my work?

I imported a dxf into rhino. Why doesn’t it autosave? I just lost hours of work and I’m freaking out! Help! I made a mistake and I can’t kill my process because there is no autosave…help me…I want to sleep…
it’s stuck at trim, is anyone online!!

It will not help with your current issue, but in the future it’s highly recommended to save your work at least once per hour. For important projects I would do it even more often, plus an autosave every 30 minutes.

thing is, i was in a rush. i want to know why dxfs dont have a rhino autosave…? and your reply is like absolute victim blaming.

Hello - if Autosave is enabled there is no reason for there not to be an autosave file in the default location if you have had your file open that long. Please look for the autossave file location, and check there- by default this is



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Also check in the Recycle bin for older autosave files.

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