Is there a way to dock the "CPlanes" Panel?

I use this thing all the time, and I could have sworn it docked in Rhino 5 for Windows (which I used before the glorious OSX version here). I typically keep my CPlanes panel just floating around in the lower right as you can see from this screenshot, but I wish it was integrated into the properties panel tabs – am I missing an obvious way to keep it docked or integrated into the interface?

Thanks forum.

Click on the icon in the top bar of one of the sections in the Inspector panel (= the RH panel in your Rhino window), the one to the right of the camera icon.
If needed, you can increase the number of sections in the Inspector panel with preferences > themes, bottom of the window.


Edit: Looking at your picture again, it dawned on me that you were talking about the CPlane icons palette, not the CPlane panel. Sorry, don’t know a solution for that.

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The only way I know to do what you ask for is to use the custom interface.

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