Is there a way to disable the autofill on the Gumball in Rhino 6?

While this is a very minor complaint, it is one that’s been annoying me recently

One of the things that have been bugging me with Rhino 6 is the autofill on the Gumball when you enter in a value. While the way it’s set up is nice for arraying objects, I find that it’s often working against me.

For example, if I accidentally select the gumball, in previous versions clicking anywhere else on the screen would just cancel out. But with the autofill enabled if I click off the gumball, it still moves the geometry. I have to manually escape the command. And while this is a very small thing, my muscle memory has just adapted to the older system and I find myself accidentally moving things I didn’t want to.

I checked in the settings but couldn’t find anything to enable it or not. Is there a setting somewhere I missed? Or is disabling it even an option?

at this point no, the assumption is that you would only enter a value in situations where you click to enable the dialog box. at that point you’d be entering a value.

otherwise click and drag moves interactively and no dialog box pops up.