Is there a way to create dimensions for all land plots in grasshopper?

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I have big area with plots that i have to do their Aligned Dimensions from the border of each plot to the offset of it’s building line starting from the center of each polyline (4 sides). Also the dimension line has to be perpendicular between the two points.
I’s the a way in grasshopper for making these dimension lines as well as measuring and writing the resulting distance above the line (as shown in the attached picture)?
I attached a rhino file and gh file where i tried to do this using Dispatch component…I would appreciate any help
plots.3dm (1.9 MB) (38.7 KB)

There are a lot of ways to do this. First you need to find out which curve is in which plot. I did this with the closest point component. Then each segment midpoint is projected to the plot. (517.2 KB)

PS: You can internalize geometry so in most situations it is not necessary to send a Rhino file. The Grasshopper file is sufficient.

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Thanks a lot for your response!

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You need to hide unused curves (393.5 KB)

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Thanks, this is so helpful!