Is there a way to create custom node from existing nodes?

i’m mainly using Revit+Dynamo+C#, recently explore Grasshopper as well, just wonder if there’s easy way to create custom node based on existing graph, so it can be reused again, otherwise too many nodes which are repeated, Dynamo have that function, don’t know if Grasshopper have similar one, must have one, right?

Yes, it is called a “Cluster” in Grasshopper. You isolate the components you want to cluster. Determine what will be inputs and outputs of the cluster with the “Cluster Input” and “Cluster Output” components. Then select all the isolated components + inputs/outputs and go to Edit > Cluster (or in the radial menu select the package looking icon). Then if you want to have it be reusable in your tabs, select the Cluster and go to File > Create User Object.

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thanks Michael, i’ll give it a try later, lots of learning ahead for me!