Is there a way to combine them?

Hi everyone,

I tried to disassemble the combination,

but it still cannot be combined into a closed object

I can’t figure out what went wrong,if you know.please

Please tell me if you know the reason, thanks.

combine.3dm (3.6 MB) (1.1 MB)

When I only select some components, they can be combined.
But multiple selections will not work.
If you know the reason, please tell me, thanks


Actually I couldn’t get your problem properly. Try Brep Join component.


HI ajarindia,

I have tried it, but as I mentioned above, when I choose to merge all, the result is failed.

It’s more the problem of drawing percision and geometry rather than method for joining them.Here I had to change a bit the geometry to make it eligible for boolean union operation.

Boolean Union.3dm (1.5 MB)