Is there a way to clip a plant against a wall so it does not "stick through"?

If a large shrub is against a wall or fence - it also naturally “sticks through” and is visible on the other side. Not always a problem, but there are occasions when there is a garden feature / wall that is visible from both sides.

Possible handle with Grasshopper but sounds computationally intensive.

Any suggestions welcome

Hi @rodlaird, if you have created the shrub from a vertical curve, flip its direction (_Flip command) before running the _laShrub command, and make it grow in the opposite direction. You can apply the same procedure with Groundcovers or Forests created from vertical curves.

Did not know you could pop a shrub on a vertical curve!!! wonderful. Will try tomorrow - and thanks for the super quick response.

OK - Finally got around to trying this with no success. All I get is shrubs arrayed on a vertical curve! Apart from being weird, this does not solve the problem with leaves penetrating walls…


Hi Rod,
That may happen because the shrub is projected onto the terrain, and that way it ignores the vertical curve where it should lay.
Just select the shrub, and from the Edit panel > Edit area, say “Don’t adjust to terrains”:


If your problem is different, please attach screenshot and 3dm file so I can understand what’s happening.