Is there a way to check if all Picture Frame images that were imported are embedded in a file?

I used the Picture frame command, with embed option on. to embed many images.
I would like to check that all the images I imported into a file are actually embedded.
So that if the file is opened up with another computer where the original picture frame files do not exists they will still be in the Rhino file.


Move all images to a new folder and open your saved file if one is missing then rhino can’t show it.

Hello - in V5, use Audit3dmFIle and look for the ‘Bitmap table’ in the output - that will show all the images actually embedded in the 3dm file. If there are some missing and you really want to embed them in the file you can use the test command (does not autocomplete, use at your own risk)



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Hi @pascal, are there any plans for a more human-friendly way to embed (and see what’s embedded) in terms of picture files? What about replacing, updating those embedded files with new ones? Or extracting those files?

Also, one related wish here for @andy & Co. I can paste geometry and text from my clipboard into Rhino. Why not pictures? If I see a reference image that’s part of a pdf, a website, even a screenshare Skype session, or my live webcam I want to take an area screengrab to send to my Windows clipboard and just go to Rhino and paste. That’s what I do with just about any other piece of software, including web based tools. Can Rhino please do the same, especially since you can already handle embedded images.



That has been requested a number of times, as recently as this week… it’s on the list.

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Hi Gustavo - in V6, Picture images (I lobbied against the name change to avoid just such phrases as that), are not embedded, they are textures that are applied and saved like other textures for materials.

That said, I don’t know that it is particularly easy to keep track of any more than it is for other textures used in the file - if they are not added via the Textures panel, they don’t show up there, only in the material. There is a reason for this, but I’ve never been able to absorb it.


I’m so confused. Has any one been able to absorb the reasons of how this work? Assuming they even understand it? So what command do I use so the images are embedded?

Hi Gustavo - what?? but it is so perfectly simple… So - images -‘Pictures’ and textures - are saved with the Rhino file by default and Pictures are no different in that respect now (V6)- it used to be (v5) that they would (could, depending on the command line option for Embed) be embedded in the 3dm file bitmap table - this sounds about the same but is actually different because embedding into the bitmap table is a permanent thing - there is no way to to see them or get rid of them selectively in the basic Rhino UI. Textures saved with the file, V6 style and V5 textures other than PictureFrames as well, is a different mechanism… For example, if the textures are not available locally on disk, they are unpacked into a folder on disk


and accessed from there, they are not embedded in the 3dm bitmap table. The Save dialogs have the checkbox to do this saving of textures checked by default.

See?? I told you…

So, throw away the V5 model now, it’s all textures now, nothing truly ‘embedded’. My ongoing twilgiht zone is that the texture panel does not show all textures. More Types > Start from existing does not show them… there is just a logic and mechanism there that eludes me…