Is there a way to "bailout" of a ghpython component? I mean...not expiring the soluction

Is there a way to “bailout” of a ghpython component?
I mean, having the input values trigger the script but deciding the changes don’t actually cause it to expire.
Something like transforming the button component output from 1 true and 1 false to just one single value?
Like a random uuid for example.
By the way…does a component always recompute even if input is the same?


This is a matter already treated in some/many other posts.
Yes, grasshopper components always recompute if any of its inputs is expired…
… then, once the component is done with his work, it will also expire its own outputs.
Because of this, components “restart” even if their new inputs are equal to the old ones…

Usually the “problem” about expiration can be mitigated by a different approach in the logic of the algorithm.

Can you explain your situation in detail?

(this is an old workaround i did, maybe the idea could be interesting, but it is probably obsolete…)

Thanks Riccardo.
I created a component that listened to selection events and wanted to have a separate one just for the debouncing part but ended up including because of this.
Was not sure there was a better way though.