Is there a way to automatically merge or entwine datum

Hi I just found qirenlu’s ChopChop component which is able to interact with nodes or wires on the GH canvas,

so I was wondering is it possible to window select multiple data and then the selection will be combined automatically?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The real issue here is how you are using grasshopper. All that can be one simple set of those components utilizing lists. You shouldn’t be copy and pasting the same sequence of components over and over like that.


There are some chores that I have to manually change each numbers in each sublist…

For instance I have an outline of a whole level curtain walls, then I want to divide each segment and relocate each base points,

sometimes there will be more than one base point on the same line, and the segments’ location or total number are undefined until the end of the project,

so that I have to go back and forth adding new data or deleting null data frequently to make sure the basepoints are sorted in a clockwise order.

That’s why I thought maybe it will be easier to recreate a new data list automatically every time when I want to change the curtain wall’s design pattern,
rather then keep maintaining the same data list…

This can still be a list atleast of sliders and directions.