Ìs there a way to auto update dimensions on solids

I can not find a tutorial to show me how I can make my dim’s auto update on objects. I suppose it should be done with history but I do not know how to “connect” the start and end points to specific points on a extrusion.
Is there someone who is willing to send me a link to such a video
or if no such, wants to tell me in short in “children” language of better show me step by step in pictures

Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language

Update!! It works when I use midpoints in front or cornerpoints in perspective view :smiley:

Second update.
When I copy a object with dimensions constrained, and I modify the original, the dimensions are automatically updated. Unfortunately, when I modify the copy, the dimensions are not automatically update. Is there a way to achieve this?

Hi Frits - copies do not carry the history I’m afraid - that is, the copy knows about the original if the object was copied with History, but the copied dimension does not know about its own history, it only pays attention to its original, if you see what I mean.


regrettably :disappointed_relieved: