Is there a version 6 quirk with AddText?

So I’m still trying to iron out the bugs in a VBScript script that was made for v4 and works fine in 7+ with minor changes but unfortunately the customer is on 6, which seems to have some oddities.

The last one is that adding text on vertical planes using AddText will sometimes–but not all the time?–flip it upside down. They’re being oriented with planes, and I’ve verified that they’re all oriented consistently–and it works fine on V7! What the what could be going on? EDIT: To get it to work I had to draw the text on the world XY, explode it, and transform afterwards. Doing nothing else but NOT exploding the text first resulted in it getting flipped(except for the one spot where it’s okay?!?) Ugh…

Hi @JimCarruthers,

Can you post the code to a simple script that ran correct in V4 but not so in V6?


– Dale