Is there a tool to,

Stretch the curve from A to B while mainting the global shape?..i think im overlooking something but i cant find it,…

Hi Sabino -


test command ExtendCurve

Also ContinueCurve

Any of that help?


Hi Pascal,

No sorry, those dont work,…for instance, if this was on a linear plane i could simply stretch the curve, but now i need more info than just the X or Y direction,…

Hi Sabino- do you need the existing curve to stay where it is and extend, or can you change the entire curve? Maybe Orient, with Scale set to 1D…?


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Yes Pascal, thanks alot, thats what i was after,…

Extend and Contine are not confined to extending a curve in a plane.

If you want to extend a curve to meet another curve try Blend or BlendCrv. Both create a curve connecting two curves or a curve and a point. Blend is a simple command with continuity options at each end specified during execution. BlendCrv after selecting the curves to be blended brings up a control panel for selection of continuity and control of the shape of the blending curve.

The new blending curve can then be combined with one or both original curves using Join to create a polycurve, or if the blending curve has curvature continuity with an original curve the two curves can be merged into a single curve using Match.

Use Scale3D to scale a curve different amounts in the X, Y and Z directions.