Is there a thread for discussing gcode and tool paths

Are there threads for discussing gcode and tool paths, and associated softewares?



As soon as you post a question on gcode there is a thread discussing gcode. :wink:

Regarding existings threads on gcodes, I’d try something like this:

// Rolf

Those kinds of discussions can be had on and

Is there anything specific you were wondering? If you’re just curious about the “best CAM software” you are going to get answers based off of what people are used to. It has nothing to do with being “the best”, but you can’t convince anyone of that. There are dozens of those discussions if you search the above websites, and every one of them ends up useless.


Gcode produced by Rhino/GrassHopper is a very interesting topic to be discussed here, though.

// Rolf

You guys are aces! Thanks