Is there a setting for multiple autosaves files or autosave history?

Hello, I had a problem today where the computer shutdown during an autosave and both my original file and the autosave file got corrupted and irrecuperable, I was wondering if there’s a second location or history of those autosaves, that would help immensely to have albeit an older file, but a file that has the changes stored. Instead of loosing all the work.

Is there a way to have that?
Autosave-00 (most recent)
Autosave-01 (old autosave)

I know it’s kind of redundant but it would help a lot.


Hi Francisco - look in the trash for older autosaves, and in the original folder for 3dmbak backups (previously saved state) versions.


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You might consider using IncrementalSave instead of Save if you have the disk space. You’ll have a ton of files, but better that than losing stuff.