Is there a select 'associated items' command or is sublayers best practice?

We all no doubt have our own ways of naming and locating layers.
Having had need to move an object, its build items, dimensions, associated bits and pieces, even the cutters I used to make holes and other things, I realised they were not all as sublayers.
Even the cutters I colour red for boolean difference etc, were all together but further down the palette.

Hindsight says create a group name layer for the object, into that layer drag layers for all assoc items, dims cutters everything, even images I trace over, again such rasters are always held at palette base for easy turn on/off rather than scattered throughout palette.

Is there a way of associating items to an object, rather than have to even move my jpg layer into the group heading.

‘Select associated items’ command, which would identify items that were ‘associated’ when they were made.
How can one ‘associate’ such items ?

I currently would say make a group layer and sub layer them within, but I do like to have my rasters all together at palette base.

The bug that makes layers move from where you place them, unless each new layer is arrowed up/down once, which has never been fixed since V5 introduced it, and is driving me to despair now, would have a field day with this new idea.

Is there a McNeel tutorial section on this as I have never seen one, as if such practice is left up to individual taste.




You could try the LayerClasses plugin:

A pity it works in RH6 WIP only (on windows).