Is there a select all edges command?

I am Filleting edges but if you do one complete edge at a time it turns out odd. Its sometimes tricky to keep selecting edges on a complex item.

I would like to run a command maybe called SelAllEdge and selecting the object , all edges are selected in one go.
An option on that could be select all chained edges, if thats the right term , i.e. all edges that are one face, or that are planar,…

I use the ChainEdges option but keep having to select it during selection. It doesnt stay ‘on’

I cannot see mention on the www or here.



Hi @Steve1

I am not sure I understand well what you mean by keep selecting edges…

Are you wanting to find a way to easily select all edges, call back a previous selection set or are you suggesting a new option for the FilletEdge command.

It is normally possible to get all edges selected in one step via a simple Frame Selection during the operation…
Save Selection set in not implemented in V5 but is well in V7

Rodolfo Santos

You can select all edges by holding Shift & CTRL, and then window-selecting your whole object. Or by selecting the FilletEdge tool first, then window-selecting your whole object.
You can select all edges of a face by using the command-line option FaceEdges.
I don’t see a way to make SelChain sticky though.

Hi, Rodolfo, run fillet edge drag frame around object, BINGO thanks.
Peter Harris
If I Ctrl Shift drag window I get all edges selected, I then run FilletEdge and the selection vanishes and it asks me to select the edges. Ctrl Shift doesnt then do it.

If I run FilletEdge then window select that works

FaceEdges says unknnown command, so probably a V6 or V7.

I will use window drag after running faceEdges as that works.



If the Selection filter is active and well setup, or if a sciprt is implemented that way, the described procedure may work( preselect all available edges + run the command ).

Otherwise Ctrl Shift + Window Select will grab all types of available sub entities ( Points, Edges, Srfs )

It’s just a question to preselect the right type of object first, then FilletEdge will run smoothly .

If the pre-selection is let’s say hybrid the FilletEdge command will ask for accurate objects types.

Hope this clarify things.

Rodolfo Santos

I can’t remember whether V5, which Steve said he’s using, has that kind of functionality. V7 certainly does.