Is there a right way to go about filleting these edges (complex surface)?

I generated this in Grasshopper, and I don’t think Grasshopper’s fillet edge component would do a good job with the complexity. I would like add a 1/8" or 1/16" fillet to all of the curved edges. I’ve tried to do this in Rhino, but I haven’t generated a clean result yet, so I’m going to see what people on this board might suggest.

I would like to fillet the edges because I intend on rendering this, and ‘sharp’ edges don’t look realistic in a close-up rendering.

2018.09.14_mcneel_forums.3dm (1.4 MB)

For rendering, you might try selecting the object and in Properties hit the EdgeSoftening button and adjust settings to taste (use Rendered display mode to see the effect).

Well, you do get a lot of artifacts with your object if you have more than a fairly small radius… don’t know if there is a better alternative inside Rhino though.