Is there a Rhino.Inside Revit 2024 beta version?

Is there a Rhino.Inside Revit 2024 beta version? Thanks in advance.


Hi Knyck, No 2024 installer as of yet, it’s very early in the process. The SDK isn’t out yet, and lots of changes that may affect how we are able to maintain component compatibility with older Revit versions going forward. We currently support 2018-2023.

Plenty of new items Help

The topography has significantly changed, more akin to Floors than the previous topography surfaces.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more. Thanks

Knyck, Please test our latest daily build installer. So far so good.

Sounds great. May I have the build number, please? I currently have no Revit 2023 installed and thus no access to the daily build from the updater. Thanks.



You’re very much appreciated.

Hi, I downloaded the beta. the buttons work but I don’t see any of the geometry show up when it launches?

Hi Cole, So we have liftoff but you are not seeing Rhino Preview geometry in Revit? Can you post a screenshot?


I opened up a test file and have this geometry in Revit:

but when I launch Rhino.Inside nothing from revit populates the rhino model that it launches:

When I build something basic in the Rhino model that launches like a sphere, it does show up in preview mode:

I’m not sure if this is something that I’m doing wrong, or what the issue is.



Hi, I’m just checking to see if the issue that I previously reported has any explanation. Thank you.

Hi Cole, What are your expectations on how things get populated? Have you seen our Guide?

which installer are you using? please copy the file name here. Is Revit 2024 installed on your C drive or somewhere else?