Is there a reason why Blur is doing nothing?

blur mesh (1.9 MB)

I want to blur those pixels but nothing works :frowning:

Hi @ShynnSup,

Hmm, what is creating the mesh upstream? Some kind of solar study plugin?

I thought it was the mesh geometry itself at first but when I feed a Z value gradient into the mesh colors it is smooth as expected:

I suspect it’s something about the way the vertex colors are being handled but I also am just guessing

Yes it was done with ladybug, but vertext colors are vertex colors in the end, that’s what I don’t get.

I tried to triangulate the mesh, trimesh it, and rebuild it and that didn’t work either.

I tested on a mesh cube and blue mesh worked fine so the component itself is not bugged out.

It does look like the topo is a quad mesh and, while quads except blurring, I wonder if it doesn’t like that quad mesh. What was the mesh result prior to the quads? Or was it always quads?

Thanks for helping me out.

It was a delauny mesh, then I quadremeshed it. But Blur worked fine with that same mesh and other vertex colors before… mmm, I don’t think it’s the mesh :frowning:

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I think you need to run blur mesh prior to Quad remesh.

Did you quad remesh before or after the ladybug component that generates the radiance map?

I would blur the triangulated mesh post ladybug, then quad remesh the blurred result

I noticed that all internal edges are unwelded. Once welded, blur works fine.

blur mesh (1.9 MB)


My guess is that the issue is the following: Ladybug is assigning one value per sensor(meshface), thus one colour per face.The colour of meshes is normally assigned to the vertices (3 or 4 (repeating)colours per face). When welded, the colours are assigned correctly to the vertices and we know the neihgouring colour and can average it(mapping the colour to a value and averaging it).


The mesh just isn’t welded.

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So you know the makers of ladybug decided to not weld the mesh, Just because they can?
I tried to find a explanation for the reason. I did understand, that the mesh, which is outputed is not welded.

Sorry but that wasn’t clear from reading the post above.

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No need to be sorry Martin. Sorry for not expression myself better.

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Ahhh, thank you!!