Is there a reason Rhino's linked viewports are choppy?

(New laptop with RTX2060)
Even on an empty file the linked viewports are choppy (for example compared to Blender)
Is there a hidden reason for it ?

I don’t know about linked viewports in Rhino, but a small pro-tip to get recordings without watermarks for free and with quality:

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Hi Thomas -

It looks like nobody ever uses that mode - it works fine in Rhino 5 and I can’t find a report about it gotten bad in Rhino 6. On the list now as RH-64996.

Thanks for the suggestion. Typically I use the Windows built-in Xbox game bar, but it doesn’t capture the Rhino floating panels.
The OBS studio captures entire screens and I see it has a convoluted way of adding a crop filter and then having to guess the crop values. I’ll try to find a simple software that lets you just drag a window, but without the watermark.

Seems like I try it every few years. It seems to make sense for a moment and then for some reason I stop using it. Then I forget why I stopped using it and I try it again after a few years.

I do constantly, but as I’m looking where I have the mouse and move, it’s not disturbing to me having a little delay for the other viewports as long as I don’t have a delay on the viewport I’m moving.

Options → View → Linked works in Rhino 7.8 with a delay. The SynchronizeViews command does not work at all.