Is there a Python method for finding surfaces aligned to a plane?

I would like to be able to find all surfaces that are aligned to a specific plane (not necessarily residing on the plane). Something like this:



Maybe with this?

And then compare z vectors

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Hi Dan,
Below is sort of a “generic” script from my library - you can probably refine it somewhat…

The optional (hard-coded) arguments at the end can be used to create different aliases or toolbar buttons to select either in-plane or parallel planes to one of the 3 principal planes. I did not take the time when I made it to give it command-line options that you can change on the fly, but maybe it’s useful anyway…

Discourse is playing tricks on me again - drag and drop the script into the window, but it’s the wrong one that appears. :confounded: (2.3 KB)

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Thanks guys, this should be helpful.