Is there a prospective C# compiler update for the built-in C# node?

Hi, I have a new function request.
Time flies. I think the C# compiler used with the built-in C# node is already way too old compared to the latest C# compiler used with Visual Studio. I don’t know what version is the latest, but I assume technically it is possible to call a newer C# compiler from within the built-in C# node. Is this already on the to-do list or there is no release plan regarding this?

Thank you.

Hi @mikity_kogekoge,

Can you describe what problem you are trying to solve?

— Dale

We are hoping to do this for Rhino 8. We need to be careful as the scripts will not work in previous versions of Rhino

Hi Dale,
I like Python’s tuple and unpacking very much. Since it seems like it is supported in the latest C#, I want to use this syntax in the C# node.

Thank you.