Is there a plugin to generate text documents?

We have developped a bunch of tools to calculate wood/steel assemblies, but we still rely on screen captures and Word templates to generate calculation reports.

Would there be a plugin out there to generate text with bitmap insertions, and all the usual formating ?
I tried to search this on Food4Rhino, but found about nothing…

If I remember correctly, there was a plugin that used google doc (icon looked like ant carrying leaf?) but can’t find it…

Oh… it was Leafcutter and it seems its out of business. I think it would have not met to what you wanted (inserting image)

How about using latex? I have never used it, but from what I have heard and searched, it seems it won’t be that hard to learn basic functionalities.
I’m just blindly guessing the level you want to achieve…
But I think maybe using capture to file to bake some images from grasshopper and exporting it to TXT could some how work.
from grasshopper to TXT then to Latext then to PDF or other document format…
Just guessing.
Apologize if this didn’t help.

Hi June,

Thanks for your answer.
The idea is that once all the inputs are given and the calculations and checks done, the results are automatically formatted with all the accompanying screen captures, at the press of a button.

Copy-pasting and screen-capturing is what we do today, and it’s boring and time-consuming.
Whe have started doing our own tools with VB scripts, but heck, if there’s already something out there, we might as well use it.

The closest GH plugin I found is “Latex equation designer”, but it does only bitmap representations of equations.

For what it is worth, as I see that you use some VB. I use Xceed that seems more easy to use than Interop from Microsoft.

I put in my autogenerated document text and graphics (in bitmap or vector). That’s require to have custom object (in C# for me) generating part of the Word document. I didn’t manage yet to use document template in order to have everything that a good document need. Perphas Interop is best for that ?

Sounds like you are looking for a layout tool? :wink:

There is also this:

This is what I intended… Just to provide the proof of concept.
I used “overleaf” to work on Latex so some functionality won’t work on others… but it kind of works?
Logic is simple… format things into Latex grammar on Grasshopper and just copy paste the final texts to the “overleaf” blank sheet and compile.
More sophisticated formatting would require some time… but I managed to do this by just googling stuffs I needed. Maybe more skilled Latex user in the forum might help.
I used Ladybug’s Capture View but I think it would be attached to the file since its written in ghpython.
Anemone is also used for looping, but this is not crucial in workflow.
(*May use animate in slider) (393.2 KB)
GH_Latex.pdf (64.7 KB)


Hi June,

This seems like an excellent solution.
It might prove easier than VBscript and provide more options.
I need to check out the Latex syntax…

Thanks a lot !

Hi Joseph,

Why not ?
Although this seems more adapted to a graphics oriented layout whereas calculation reports focus more on texts, and graphics are secondary.

I was only mentioning Rhino Layouts, not recommending it. Because despite hours of effort and watching tutorial videos, I have completely failed to accomplish anything with it.

Merci Laurent, on va y jeter un coup d’oeil :wink: