Is there a plug in that can reverse post into geomerty?

i am using rhinocam standard, and i am used to mastercam’s ability to reverse post or back plot an nci file to get geometry that can be manipulated. does anyone know of a plug in that can do that?

higher end rhinocam packages do it, but they come with much that i’ll never need and cost 4-5k$.

I would suspect one of the G-code to DXF ripper might work. Rhino can then read the DXF file. Here is one option:

You need to register with CNC Zone for this one:

maybe this script could help

that looks very good. as i am fairly new to rhino, i have not used scripts before but your instructions look very clear. i will give it a try in the next couple days.

thanks very much


it is exactly what i was looking for and simple to use! love that it backplots the rapid moves on a different layer than the cutting moves.

many, many thanks